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Competency assessment. Candidate competency assessment is usually included in the executive search  and headhunting projects. This service is also provided when the company wishes to develop internal career planning and needs to evaluate internal human resource potential. This service is also provided to candidates, applying to our company, willing to have their managerial competencies or potential to be assessed.

Most of our competency assessment methodologies have been initially developed by the US Human Resource company  HR Strategies, which was later acquired by Aon Consulting company. In 1997 they were  revised by the British Psychological Society and British Institute of Certified Personnel Directors – CIPD.  Our consultants were trained and started using the methodology in 1997.  Since 2005 we are certified users of  SHL methodology.

Our assessment tests and tools have been tested during many years in different cultural and social circumstances. Our simulation exercises are being constantly updated, developing new ones or tailoring them to the specific customer needs. Our services are used and trusted not only by our customers, but also by our colleagues, other HR Management Consulting companies.

Our long-running experience in the sphere of executive search and assessment proves that our package of assessment tools is credible and effective in evaluation of managers and specialists.